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Master the fundamentals of nonprofit accounting to help guide your organization to success. We’ll take you step-by-step through everything you need to know in 6 easy video lessons.
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No accounting experience required!
Don’t let accounting stand in the way of your mission
When a small nonprofit to get lost in the complexity of accounting and compliance, it takes away valuable time and resources from fulfilling your core mission.

This course walks you through the fundamental accounting concepts and functions that are critical to any nonprofit. And we won’t just tell you about it; we’ll show you how it’s done using real-life examples from our clients.

Put an end to late nights with Quickbooks and pre-meeting panic attacks. And put yourself on the path to a financially stable nonprofit that gives you the freedom and resources to enact real change in your community.
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Introducing The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Accounting
In this course, you’ll learn how to:
  • Set up payroll the right way so you can legally pay employees, contractors, and founders
  • Establish essential internal controls to prevent fraud and ensure compliance
  • Set up and use a simple, cloud-based accounting system that automates basic tasks for you
  • Record donations and pledges correctly to can track them by donor and program
  • Customize clean, professional financial reports for your board and investors
  • Create and track a budget and create reserves for unexpected events
  • Execute simple year-end compliance steps to close your books and report your taxes correctly
  • And much more!
6 Value-Packed Video Modules
  1. Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention
  2. Setting Up Your Accounting System
  3. Using Your Accounting System
  4. Processing Payroll the Right Way
  5. Budgeting for Nonprofits
  6. Year-End Compliance
You need this class if you are:
  • A nonprofit founder
  • A nonprofit CEO or leader
  • A nonprofit board member
  • A nonprofit accountant or bookkeeper
  • Or anyone with financial responsibility or liability inside a nonprofit...
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Continue your financial education with Tosha & The Charity CFO
Hi there, it’s Tosha here. I’ve spent the past 5 years listening to nonprofit leaders tell me about the frustrations that keep them up at night.

So I know that you dread year-end closings and running payroll more than a trip to the dentist. And I know that it’s nearly impossible for small nonprofits to find trustworthy accounting advice.

That’s why I’ve created this course-- to answer ALL of the questions you haven’t been able to ask (and a bunch of questions you didn’t even know you had).

Consider this your guide to the fundamentals of nonprofit accounting. We'll help you feel confident that your organization is doing things the right way, so you can spend more time fulfilling your mission and less time worrying about your books.

Discover why 100+ nonprofits trust The Charity CFO:
"Tosha truly understands the needs of a nonprofit..."
Tosha Anderson is in incredibly knowledgeable and truly understands the needs of a nonprofit. I recommend her and her team again and again to colleagues and friends looking for accounting assistance for their nonprofit.
- Michelle S.
"I love working with The Charity CFO..."
Tosha Anderson is a visionary. She has the capacity to understand the multifaceted needs of an arts organization and the CPA savvy to make those organizations thrive.

She does all of this with a laugh and a smile. I love working with Tosha and her team at The Charity CFO and I recommend her to anyone in need of accounting services.
- Matthew K.
"She cared more about our success than selling us services..."
Tosha is knowledgeable, wise, professional, and caring. I knew I wanted to work with her after one conversation because I could tell she cared more about our organization´s success than selling us services. I trust her and like her. Give her a chance and I am cofident that she will earn your confidence too. 
- Marcus F.