Learn to read & understand
nonprofit financial reports

Too many founders, leaders, and board members of small nonprofits struggle to understand and explain their finances.

In this free 3-video masterclass, we’ll guide you through the basics of nonprofit accounting. So you can know if your NPO is financially healthy and talk confidently about your finances with board members and donors.
Discover the principles of nonprofit accounting in 3 easy-to-understand video lessons:
How accounting for
nonprofits is different

  • What are the differences between nonprofit and for-profit accounting?
  • Learn why and how to recognize revenue from donations, grants, or events
  • See how to show time-restricted or project-restricted funds on financial reports
Accounting basics
made simple

  • The simple equation that makes accounting "click" for my clients
  • Why cash accounting is actually okay (and much easier) for many small NPOs
  • Learn when and why to make the switch from cash to accrual
How to read nonprofit
financial reports
  • The 4 financial reports most nonprofits use and how to read them
  • Why internal and external financial statements don’t look the same (and that’s okay!)
  • Walk line-by-line through real-life NPO financial reports from a CPA's perspective

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Hi, I’m Tosha Anderson and I’m your guide to making sense of your nonprofit’s finances.
I’m a former nonprofit auditor, former nonprofit CFO, and Founder of The Charity CFO, an accounting firm dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of nonprofit organizations like yours.

I know how hard it can be to find clear answers to your nonprofit accounting questions. That’s why I created this Masterclass to help you make sense of your financial reports and be prepared to answer probing questions from your board and investors.

After you watch these videos, you’ll feel more confident that your organization is doing things the right way. So you can spend more time fulfilling your mission, and less time worrying about your books!
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Tosha Anderson is in incredibly knowledgeable and truly understands the needs of a nonprofit. I recommend her and her team again and again to colleagues and friends looking for accounting assistance for their nonprofit.
- Michelle S.
"I love working with The Charity CFO..."
Tosha Anderson is a visionary. She has the capacity to understand the multifaceted needs of an arts organization and the CPA savvy to make those organizations thrive.

She does all of this with a laugh and a smile. I love working with Tosha and her team at The Charity CFO and I recommend her to anyone in need of accounting services.
- Matthew K.
"She cared more about our success than selling us services..."
Tosha is knowledgeable, wise, professional, and caring. I knew I wanted to work with her after one conversation because I could tell she cared more about our organization´s success than selling us services. I trust her and like her. Give her a chance and I am cofident that she will earn your confidence too. 
- Marcus F.